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When a door closes, a window will open (02.29.2008) March 6, 2008

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A closed door

Nothing is permanent and goodbyes are necessary to grow.There are times when we have to accept the reality that it’s time to give up and let go!

Sometimes giving up is not necessary failure but a sign of maturity. Why push it when there might be something else in stored for you? 

As long as we played fair and we gave it our all, we can face life without any regret.No one said that life is fair and that sometimes there will be choices that we hope we did not make but we should not fret because there is always something better waiting for us.

This I have proven so many times, no matter how cliché it sounds its carries a heavy truth. 

  • Learn to let go and let God.
  • Sometimes we have to empty our hands to keep it open.
  • We have to let go of what we  have because God has a better gift to give us. 

Coordinating my first wedding March 1, 2008

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My friend’s wedding

Last December 29, 2007, I had my first shot as a wedding coordinator!   I’d like to thank my college barkada for inviting me to join their events group, Dreamworkers. Perfect timing to prepare me for my wedding.     

The work of a coordinator is laborious and yet very fulfilling! It rained that day and I got drenched looking like a wet chicken wearing heels and make-up. I drove like a madman that day. As an usherette I had to make sure that the reception is perfect before guests arrive.  With a smile I greeted each guest, and with a smile we ended the day.  

I left the event knowing that we made our friend, Kytes Navarro (now Mrs. Kytes De Laza) a happily married woman. It also helps to hear the great feedback we’ve had from the guests. (Do I see more business coming? Wahoo!)   

Her wedding is documented in a wedsite.   

A commitment to cheerfulness

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I just turned 30 and I’m beginning to realize that I’m beginning to slowly lose the ability to stay happy and cheerful. In my college slumbook, everybody took note of my smile and sunny nature. I’ve heard that in doing so I inspire others to stay happy. It’s uplifting to know that a mere smile can help another person! 🙂   

In this blog collection, I will strive to stick with discussions about the great things about life. I will try to take the positive and inspiring perspective of situations. I’m sure this will be tough but the world we have is already loaded with too much rants and sad stories. Time to share, be more appreciatiive and grateful!