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A little girls dream wedding April 8, 2008

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as a little girl

Like most little girls I’ve dreamt about my wedding.  We all had our share of storybooks and movies of fairytales and happy endings. We move through life waiting (well actually searching) for that perfect partner. Most of the times we get hurt, we learn and then become unbelieving and jaded. We begin to move with more caution and more issues. We have more considerations and more rules, but sometimes some of us get lucky!  I did! Thank God, my God’s gift (now my hubby) found me.  I have learned and mastered the value of WAITING instead of SEARCHING.

Not all weddings are perfect, but every wedding is special.  I kept this wisdom in my head as I enjoyed every moment of our wedding. No matter how OC you are, we need to come to terms with the reality that something can and will go wrong. From minor things to major mishaps, the couple just needs to take it in as part of their moment and memory.       

Last February 17, 2008, we tied the knot and as I write this blog, we’re in the process of adjusting to our new life together. We’re very happy and blessed.

Celebrating our marriage

I know, I’m not a Hollywood star. But I want to acknowledge all my guests, suppliers, sponsors, family and friends for making our wedding a very special day! Here’s my thank you list “ala Oscars”

For my hair and make up: Angie and Ogie (YOU GUYS ROCK!)  

For the cake: Yumi Castillo of Yummy Piece of Cakes (It’s just perfect! I highly recommend her for weddings and all events. Her cakes are not just gorgeous, it’s really good food, not just sugar and coloring!)
For the invitation and wedding theme logo: My highschool friend and fellow Paulinian Powderboxgirl

For the Romantic AVP/MTV: My bestfriend Jill Marcelo – Ramos

For the wedding theme song: My bestfriends, Simon Tan and Jacque Tan

For the wedding coordination: My college barkada, the Dreamworkers.  

For my flowers: RCJC (Tita Cora will take care of your flower needs at a very reasonable price.) 

For the photography: RSVP Photography. Oh and thanks to my officemates and photo club-mates for the extra coverage. Nice photos guys! 

For the food: Evelyn’s Catering (Tita Evelyn thanks for going the extra mile for our wedding!)
For the rings: My Stepmom, Mariz Geronimo

For the ceremonies: Fr Stephen Redillas, it was perfect!
I didn’t write all my suppliers, I just wanted to highlight on the ones I’d like to recommend. These guys are great!

View our wedsite
My Cake supplier’s comment 
More photos (taken by PowderBoxGirl)
Guests blog about our wedding  


One Response to “A little girls dream wedding”

  1. Ruth Blanco Claudio Says:

    Hello Quinnie,
    I admire your eloquence in sharing your heart in your site. I am proud that every time you say “hubby”, you are talking about my baby brother. How I miss him so much. I left the whole family eleven years ago. He was only sixteen years old, if I am not mistaken. Still a child for me…our baby. When I heard that he was going to be married, I was thinking of the child that I knew then. For me he was still a baby, my youngest brother. The one who loves to eat and to play and who takes care of his toys very well, locking them inside the glass cabinet and lining them up as if to be sold. He knows how to take care of and love the ones that are so dear to him. He was a very strong willed child when he was young. He knows what he wants and will try to have them. He loves our mother and will ever be clinging to her and smelling her and being comforted by her presence. When I saw his wedding pictures, regret comes to me for I wasn’t able to see him on his special day. How I wished I was there…how I miss him more.
    My prayers will be wtih both of you as you share the next years..the next chapters..the next lifetime twogether….
    Love is a wonderful thing speciall when you are with the one you long to see before you close your eyes at night and when you open them in the morning…love is everything when you share it with your best friend…
    I pray that both of you will grow twogether and enjoy the times you’ll spend twogether… as you both learn the things that you thought you already know, let God be your guide and the center of it all and He will definitely bless you with everything that you never thought one could be blessed with…
    Be in love with Him first then you would know what He can do for both of you…
    May God always bless you both and may He continue to show Himself everyday so that you can and will always see HIM as your Lord and Savior!

    With much love,
    Ate Ruth

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