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Fort Santiago, a must-see for all Filipinos April 16, 2008

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My husband and I visited Fort Santiago in Intramuros recently. It was a very beautiful place and a great tourist attraction. We visited a nice and old chapel even had lunch in a small and simple restaurant called Patio de Conchita.  

We took lots of photos and I found myself in awe of the stories enveloped in each building and memoir. As I passed through the ruin and walked through the same path Rizal took, his last walk, I think to myself was his sacrifice worth it? Years after his death we still see suffering and poverty. 

retracing a hero\'s last walk

My feeling during my visit was a combination of sadness and pride. Pride because seeing Rizal’s writing reminded me of the potentials of a Filipino. Rizal was very intelligent and talented and I was enveloped with patriotic pride and amazement. 

That was until I saw the shanties that surrounded the river. Filipinos are surrounded with so much talent, blessings and natural riches. How come we continue to lag behind our Asian neighbors? After several EDSA revolutions and disputes, where are we now?  Left with a struggling economy and a beautiful but unopened airport.  

I pray for a miracle and for real change.  May we all awaken with much needed love for country and fellowmen.       

View photos. 


One Response to “Fort Santiago, a must-see for all Filipinos”

  1. jaimed Says:

    Wow very interesting…. very nationalistic…. but that’s the sad reality of being a Filipino….

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