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Global warming is real and threatening the way we live. April 22, 2008

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I know that I’ve committed to blog about the positive things in life but this topic is much too important to ignore. I’d like to stay positive and see beautiful things but I also would like to remain genuine and truthful, facing the realities that face us today.  

It’s time for us to wake up! I just watched a documentary in HBO that features Al Gore discussing “The Inconvenient Truth” about our climate and global warming. 

This confirms the changes that most of us have observed in the last years and months.  Our weather has been so unpredictable and the heat is growing more intense year after year. Summer in the Philippines is now extremely hot and rain is now almost year round. Growing up, I remember rainy season start June to at least October. Now it rains even on summer and December.  Planning an event or wedding is even tougher. Garden set-ups are no longer advisable because you’ll never know if you’ll get a shower on your wedding day. 
Times have truly changed and our way of life is being threatened, our ability to even survive is being endangered.  

Let’s act now and arm ourselves with the information that will help us save our planet and our way of living. 

For Filipinos, please watch the movie/documentary in HBO. It contains a lot of scientific data and compelling images that will show you what is happening to our planet. It’s available for viewing from April 22-April 27, 2008. It also advises us to visit the website for more information.



One Response to “Global warming is real and threatening the way we live.”

  1. Raj Says:

    Global warming is real for sure . . . we are headed for a crisis if we do not take immediate action

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