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Kids, kids, kids. June 2, 2008

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Maybe it’s a sign for me to have kids? Maybe not.  

This year has been an overflow of kiddie parties, new babies and baptisms. More than the usual number for me. Since my wedding until the end of May I’ve attended or been invited to at least 6 birthday parties. Varying themes and styles, all but a celebration of a child’s birthday or birth. It’s truly amazing how the moms prepared for each of these celebrations. The time, money and effort they invest to come up with just the perfect day for their children. 

The children are so cute, here are some of the photos:

A princess themed party, for a one-year old

 Dressed as snowhite with a collection of cupcakes on her first birthday celebration

A debut inspired 7th birthday with a princess theme.

 A dance with dad  

An indoor ranch party for a 7th birthday.


Anyway I love attending these parties because it provides me with a venue for my photography. Plus my husband and I enjoy feeling like a kid once more. Especially when you are provided with free access to bottomless ice cream, pop corn, hotdogs and cotton candy! Yummy! 

Click here for more pictures.


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