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Ooops my kiddie themed party turned into gambling party :P June 4, 2008

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booze and cards
Last weekend, May 31, 2008, I hosted a mini-party for my highschool friends. I invited them to   our newly blessed condo unit (Me and my hubby’s first real estate investment).  We were a group of six 25-30 year old yuppies who wanted to meet up and spend a relaxed and carefree weekend.  I also wanted to bring us back to memory lane, to a time in our childhood when game days and parties where a treat.

We started off with two rounds of monopoly and filled our tummies with famous kiddie munchies like hotdog and marshmallows on sticks, spaghetti, tuna sandwich and pizza, then we drank mango juice with soda for that extra fizzle.   

What I originally planned as a kiddie party turned out as a day to open our eyes to gambling. Small time gambling of course! 25 centavos per game to be exact. OOOH that was until we raised the stakes to 5 bucks.
It was a first for most of us to play cards with real money on the table. The competition was intense as people began to lose. The experience was both funny and awakening. Good thing we had small stakes and we were all friends. Don’t think we should do this again though. Don’t want anyone of us to be addicted to gambling.  
Anyhow we had fun and we ended the day at 12 midnight. Yes we still had the same curfew as Cinderella. Hahaha! 🙂

Daily summary (ala Bridget Jones):
Games won: Many
Money lost: none
Money earned: 22.25
Food calorie in take: TOO MUCH
People who attended the party who are still my friends: 4/4


Puppy photography June 3, 2008

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Can’t get enough of my puppies, they are so adorable. I catch myself spending more and more time with my puppies everyday. They just turned 2-month old yesterday by the way.  I’ve taken soooo many pictures of them.

Here are my favorite shots:

Champagne, half asleep, takes her morning walk   

 caught her yawn. aww so cute!   




A commitment to cheerfulness March 1, 2008

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I just turned 30 and I’m beginning to realize that I’m beginning to slowly lose the ability to stay happy and cheerful. In my college slumbook, everybody took note of my smile and sunny nature. I’ve heard that in doing so I inspire others to stay happy. It’s uplifting to know that a mere smile can help another person! 🙂   

In this blog collection, I will strive to stick with discussions about the great things about life. I will try to take the positive and inspiring perspective of situations. I’m sure this will be tough but the world we have is already loaded with too much rants and sad stories. Time to share, be more appreciatiive and grateful! 


Hello world! November 29, 2007

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This is me, Quinnie, saying hello to Web 2.0. Long delayed…I know. I’m a marketer and I should have been involved in this much earlier. Oh well nothing is too late.

So there, it’s official. Viewers of this site, expect to read an array of topics that will basically be dependent on my mood. 🙂

Cheers to you all!