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Revisiting Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro Philippines April 28, 2008

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Group picture in Tamaraw Falls

I spent the summer weekend of April 11-13, 2008 in Puerto Galera with my friends and our hubbies.  Our last visit was two years ago and we were thrilled to take this time off.  After my recent visit to Boracay, I think my standards are way, way higher. Hmm I’ll wait until I see Palawan too, maybe it’s a lot better?   

Anyway I don’t really enjoy crowds and the beach quality here but what I do enjoy is our trips to a little island we call “our secret island”.  It’s heaven to be in an island all to yourself with your closest friends. I also got to practice my photography (hobby all taken via my Canon digital-point-and-shoot-camera). Can’t wait to buy my Digital-SLR though. Maybe next month. Yey that’s just a few days away! 

Follow the leaderTook me a long time to upload the photos, click on the links to view:  

A few tips to set expectations of would be travelers to Puerto Galera:

1. Forget Boracay and visit Puerto Galera with a different eye. It’s like comparing apples with oranges.
2. Current cost updates for travel as of April 2008:  
    Bus                       P153.50
    Bancas                  P230.00
    Accommodation   P2000-3500/night (peak season)
3. Bests: When dining anything grilled with Ensalada is perfect! Ensalada contains tomatos, red egg (salted egg) and onions with either green mangoes or eggplant.
4. Warning: When in piers (boat docking area) or terminals (bus stations), never trust people who seem there to help you. At least be wary and cautious. Sometimes instead of helping you they just confuse you since they are out there to sell you something.